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Our School

About Montgomery Central

  • The MCPS Alternative School (grades 6-12).
  • Students are working toward a Virginia High School Diploma.
  • Students stay connected to their home school for testing and graduation purposes.

  • Students fulfill compulsory attendance through: 5-day a week attendance.

  • The student daily schedule is individualized.

  • Small school setting (approximately 50 students).

  • Bus transportation is provided within the attendance zone.

  • Students SOL Test at assigned grade levels.

  • MCPS employees provide instruction and assessment.

  • Enrollment criteria: be of school age and residing in Montgomery County.

  • Enrollment process: may be placed through a disciplinary hearing, through an IEP or 504 team, or a school-based referral.  Important that other school-based interventions have been employed (SAP, FBA/BIP, etc).

  • Montgomery Central placements are reviewed each marking period.