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About Montgomery Central

Montgomery Central's mission is to help at-risk students become successful at home, at school, and in the community.  The student community is comprised of 50 students in grades 8-12.  Students enjoy a more flexible environment because they pledge to accept additional responsibilities and meet high expectations.  The students who attend Montgomery Central commit to learning problem-solving, goal setting, and cooperative work skills.  Students also commit to improving academic performance and participating in school activities to improve self-confidence.  Montgomery Central's low teacher/student ratio, emphasis on personal responsibility, participation in academic and high-adventure field trips, and family-like atmosphere make such growth possible.

Recent News
District Headlines
Immunization Requirements
Updated Immunization Requirements
There are updated immunization requirements for kindergarten, seventh grade, and twelfth-grade students.
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Tara Almoney Selected as Support Staff Employee of the Year
Tara Almoney, Information System Specialist, was named the MCPS Support Staff Employee of the Year
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Kathleen O'Dell Named MCPS Teacher of the Year
Kathleen O’Dell, math teacher at Christiansburg Middle School, was named the MCPS Teacher of the Year. O’Dell has worked for MCPS since 2007.
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COVID updates
2021-2022 COVID Information
MCPS posts COVID information and updates online at www.mcps.org/coviddata.
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