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UPDATE: Math Kangaroo Day 
Thursday, March 15, 2018 
(in Guam only: Friday, March 16, 2018)


Dear Students, Parents and Teachers,

We are excited to announce the beginning of the 21st season of Math Kangaroo Olympiad.

Enrollment: October 26th – December 15th  Nonrefundable registration fee: $20 (the same for 20 years!).

Late enrollment: December 16th – December 31st  Nonrefundable late registration fee: $35.

Registration link: https://app.donorview.com/XPqA

Southwest Virginia Governor’s School is hosting the Math Kangaroo Contest again this year:

  • The Math Kangaroo Contest will be held at the Southwest Virginia Governor's School on Thursday March 15, 2018.

    • Students may arrive between 11:30 and 12:45 for registration; the contest will begin at 1:00.

    • Students are welcome to bring a packed lunch and eat here in our multipurpose room before the contest begins.

  • There is a contest designed specifically for each grade level 1-12.

  • Interested students and parents must visit mathkangaroo.org to register by the end of December 2017. No students will be allowed to register after the end of December 2017.

    • The registration fee is $20 through December 15.  After December 15, there will be an additional fee.

    • Parents should take care to complete the entire registration process.  If a confirmation email is not received, then your child is not officially registered.

    • According to the website, the link to register should be available on October 22nd, or shortly after.

    • Practice materials are also available on the website.

  • Participants will receive a t-shirt, certificate, and gift on the day of the test.

  • Top winners receive medals, grants, and other awards and will be recognized at a public ceremony.

  • As contest manager at SWVGS, I will contact all registered students and parents with reminders as the contest date approaches.


MCPS gifted resource teachers provide support for gifted and academically advanced learners through curricular and co-curricular activities. Individual schools 
offer students opportunities to participate in academic clubs and competitions.

The intent of this page is to provide information to gifted and academically advanced students about enrichment opportunities that exist outside or beyond the district’s standard instructional program.  These may include academic competitions, leadership activities, and other special programming geared to gifted learners.

Two months remain for the applications to Virginia Space Grant Consortium’s online education programs!

The Virginia Space Grant Consortium would like to share the following information about the following FREE NASA-related programs for Virginia's high school students interested in STEM.

Virginia Aerospace Science and Technology Scholars (VASTS) is a NASA-based program for 11th /12th grade students and STEM teachers who are interested in aerospace-related science, technology, engineering and/or math (STEM). This course focuses on space mission design and human space flight. Master Teacher positions are also available.

Virginia Earth Systems Science Scholars (VESSS) is a NASA-based program for 11th/12th grade students and STEM teachers who are interested in Earth Systems Science-related science, technology, engineering and/or math (STEM). This course focuses on Earth Systems Science and the NASA mission that help study these topics. Master Teacher positions are available.

Virginia Space Coast Scholars (VSCS) is a NASA-based STEM program for 10th grade students who are interested in NASA’s space, Earth, and airborne science-related missions managed by NASA Wallops Flight Facility. Master Teacher positions are available.

For High School juniors and seniorsVirginia Aerospace Science and Technology Scholars (VASTS) is an interactive online learning course with a space mission design and human space flight theme, culminating in a one-week residential Summer Academy at NASALangley Research Center in Hampton for those students who qualify.  Offered at no cost to the student, VASTS consists of seven modules and a final project to be completed from November 2017 through May 2018 under the guidance of licensed master educators.  Based on success in the online coursework, students may be selected to attend a Summer Academy where they interact with NASA scientists, engineers and technologists to design a human mission to Mars.   Students who successfully participate in VASTS can apply to earn 2 college credits for the online course and 2 additional credits for the Summer Academy

Please direct students or other faculty to the website for program information and application, http://vsgc.odu.edu/VASTS/   The deadline for student applications is November 12th, 2017.

For more information on this program, please contact:

Ian Cawthray
VASTS Education Program Coordinator
Or visit: http://vsgc.odu.edu/VASTS

For High School juniors and seniorsVirginia Earth System Science Scholars (VESSS) is an interactive, on-line Earth System Science Course featuring NASA scientific research and data. The course is offered for dual enrollment college credit (statewide through TNCC) for high school juniors and seniors in the Spring semester 2018. 

By combining detailed Earth System Science content with real world data analysis, students will be exposed to a rigorous course that will work across science disciplines to cultivate 21st Century Learning Skills.  The program will focus on preparing students for the rigors of college and careers while allowing them to develop strong science-based skills such as critical thinking and inquiry-based problem solving.  VESSS will have two components.  The first component is an online sixteen-week course running from December through April. The second component is a residential NASA Summer Academy at NASA Langley Research Center for students who perform well in the course. Students who successfully participate in VESSS can apply to earn 3 college credits for the online course and 1 additional credit for the Summer Academy

Please direct students or other faculty to the website for program information and application, http://vsgc.odu.edu/VESSS/  .  The deadline for student applications is November 12th, 2017.

For more information on this program, please contact:

Joyce Corriere
VESSS Education Program Coordinator
Or visit:   http://vsgc.odu.edu/VESSS/

For high school sophomores, the Virginia Space Coast Scholars (VSCS) is a program focusing on the earth and airborne science, engineering, and technology integral to current missions at NASA Wallops Flight Facility and the Mid-Atlantic Regional Spaceport. This dynamic (and FREE) program, designed by the Virginia Space Grant Consortium (VSGC), inspires students who possess technical and/or scientific interests and are motivated to learn about the many different opportunities that NASA offers. 

The VSCS program features two key elements: 1.) an on-line science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) learning experience featuring five modules; and 2.) a seven-day residential Summer Academy at NASA Wallops Flight Facility on Wallops Island, VA where selected scholars will learn first-hand from NASA professionals about cutting edge technologies and missions.  

Program Information:

  • FREE Program for 10th Grade Students
  • Online modules covering NASA aircraft, balloon, and sounding rocket missions launched or managed at Wallops Flight Facility
  • Online course runs from December 2017 through April 2018
  • Highly successful students will be selected for a week long Summer Academy at NASA Wallops Flight Facility (Chincoteague, VA)
  • The deadline for student applications is November 12th, 2017
  • http://vscs.spacegrant.org/ for application and more information

For more information, please contact:

Kirsten Manning
Education Program Coordinator

VA Assoc for the Gfited The Virginia Association for the Gifted has compiled a list of Enrichment Programs and Opportunities in Virginia for 2016.